Merge organizations

You can invite other Organizations that are active in the Microsoft Partner Program to merge with your Organization. If the invited Organization accepts your invitation, your Organization will assume all of the invited Organization's assets, and the invited Organization will no longer be an independent entity with the Microsoft Partner Program. The newly merged Organization will then be an associated Location of your Organization.

An Organization can acquire another Organization only if the invited Organization has an Active or Lapsed status within the Microsoft Partner Program.

For more information on the assets that are transferred over and the impact of the merger upon anniversary date, Program Level, benefits, roles, rights, Competencies, and Partner Points, see About merging organizations.

  1. From the Organization Information menu, click Manage Locations.

  2. Select the Merge Organization tab.

  3. Enter the Organization Partner ID of the Organization that you wish to invite. Note: It is assumed that you know the Organization Partner ID for the Organization from your company association with that Organization. You cannot look up the Organization Partner ID for another Organization within the Partner Membership Center.

  4. Click Invite. A confirmation message appears under the Invite button to confirm that the invitation e-mail was sent.

An e-mail is sent to the Primary Program Contact of the invited Organization's Headquarters. Only the Primary Program Contact of the invited Organization's Headquarters has the authority to accept or deny the invitation. The invitation or association request e-mail contains a link that forwards the Partner to a page where the Partner can accept or deny the association.

Who can invite other Organizations to merge with their own Organization?


Global Administrators

Can invite another Organization to merge.


Location Administrators

Cannot perform this task.