About the Microsoft Passport

To access the Partner Membership Center, you must sign in with your Microsoft Passport.

What is a Microsoft Passport and why do I need one?

The Microsoft Passport Network is an online service that lets you use just one set of credentials (an e-mail address and a password) to sign in to and use all sites and services on the Microsoft Passport Network, that is any site or service that displays the Microsoft Network symbol .

Credentials are defined as unique information that you use to access restricted resources. For the Passport Network, credentials include your e-mail address and password. They may also include a mobile phone number and PIN, a smart card, or a security key.

Using a Microsoft Passport means that you don't have to remember numerous sign-in names and passwords.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for credentials at a site or service on the Passport Network, or at the Microsoft Passport Network home page at https://accountservices.passport.net/ppnetworkhome.srf?lc=1033.

How do I check to see if I have an existing account?

If you signed in to any site or service that displays , then you may already have credentials for the Passport Network sites and services. To check for an existing account:

  1. Click Sign In at a site or service that displays , such as the Microsoft Passport Network home page or the Partner Program Web site.

  2. In the sign-in box that displays the Passport Network acceptance mark, type your e-mail address and password.

Note: Your password is case-sensitive. (Case-sensitive means capable of distinguishing between uppercase [capital] and lowercase [small] letters. For example, A is different from a. If information is case-sensitive, it must be typed with the required capitalization.)

  1. Click Sign In.

If you are able to sign in, you have an existing account that you can use to sign in to any site on the Passport Network, including the Partner Membership Center.

Using your Microsoft Passport to sign in to the Partner Membership Center

You sign in to the Partner Membership Center using your Microsoft Passport Network credentials. The credentials that you use identify you to the system, allow you to view and enter information based on your assigned administrative rights and Program Contact Role(s) within the Membership Center.

Note: When you enroll your Organization in the Microsoft Partner Program, you are by default the Primary Program Contact with Global administrative rights.  You are associated to the Membership Center with the Microsoft Passport Network credentials that you used to begin the enrollment process.

Please use a company e-mail address for your Passport Network credentials

When you first create your credentials on the Microsoft Passport Network, you can use any e-mail address. For use of the Partner Membership Center, it is highly recommended that your Microsoft Passport credentials use your company e-mail address and not a private e-mail address (for example, a Hotmail or Yahoo address) for authentication and registration.

Again, you can use your existing Passport Network credentials, but make sure that the name and preferred e-mail address that are associated with your Microsoft Passport are recognizable by the Primary Program Contact or Administrator (Global or Location Administrator) for your Organization.

What happens if use different Passport credentials from the one I first used when associating with the Membership Center?

The Passport Network credentials that you first use when signing in to the Membership Center are your identification to the system and are tied to your assigned administrative rights and Program Contact Role(s). Your administrative rights and Program Contact role(s) determine what you can view and access in the Membership Center.

You can sign in with any Passport Network credentials, but if you do not use the one you first used, you will not be recognized by the system and you will be asked to complete an Individual Profile again (if those Passport credentials do not match those already in the system for your individual association with an Organization in the Microsoft Partner Program).

If you change your Microsoft Passport credentials (for example, the e-mail and/or password) within the Microsoft Passport Network, then these changes are updated as effective within the Membership Center. However, if because of a new e-mail address or a need to change your password, you instead create a new Microsoft Passport, the new Passport credentials will not be recognized by the Membership Center causing you to have to associate to the Organization again and complete a new Individual Profile within the Membership Center.

How do I change my Passport credentials?

You can edit your Passport credentials, including changing your mailing address and substituting a new e-mail address, by doing the following:

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Passport Network, if you're not signed in already. (Go to: https://accountservices.passport.net/ppnetworkhome.srf?lc=1033.)

  2. Go to the MSN Account Services home page.

  3. Click Account information.

  4. On the Account information page, click the item for the information that you want to view or change.

What do I do if I misplace my Passport Network credentials information?

If you cannot remember your Passport Network credentials information, go to  https://accountservices.passport.net/ppnetworkhome.srf?lc=1033 for help with this issue.

Relationship of Passport credentials to other partner tools (VOICE, PartnerSource, etc.)

You can access VOICE either through PartnerSource or directly.  These tools also require you to associate Passport credentials. For convenience, you may want to use the same Passport credentials associated with the Membership Center for these tools, as well.