Disassociate yourself from an Organization

You can disassociate yourself from an Organization or a Location within the Organization. This action cannot be undone.  Once disassociated, to re-associate, you will have to again request association to an Organization. See Associate as an individual to an Organization.

If your MCP ID is linked to the Location or Organization from which you disassociate, earned Competencies may be affected (if the Organization will then not have the required number of MCPs).

  1. From the Administration menu, click Your Individual Account Page.

  2. On the Organizations tab, select an Organization from which to disassociate.

  3. Click Disassociate.

  4. In the confirmation dialog, click OK to proceed with disassociation. Click Cancel to exit without disassociating.

The Primary Program Contact for your Location is notified via e-mail of your disassociation. If your disassociation results in the loss of a Competency, the Primary Program Contact is also notified of this fact.


The Primary Program Contact of the Headquarters Location cannot be disassociated.  That individual has to be replaced with another individual for that role and only then can the individual be disassociated.

Who can disassociate from a Location or Organization?

You can disassociate yourself from a Location or Organization. An Administrator can also perform this task.