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What's new in the Microsoft Partner Program?

Updates to the Microsoft Partner Program include:

The Partner Membership Center

The Microsoft Partner Program Membership Center is a management tool for your membership in the Program. From the Membership Center, you can view your account status in the Program and perform administrative tasks, such as:

When you enroll your Organization, the address and contact information you define creates your Headquarters Location. The person who enrolls the Organization is the Primary Program Contact for the Headquarters Location and will be assigned Global administrative rights for the Organization (Program Contact Roles and administrative rights can be reassigned later). After enrollment, you can add additional Locations worldwide.

Individuals associate to your Locations to:

Administrators assign individuals Program Contact Roles and administrative rights. Based on your assigned administrative rights, you can view information and perform tasks within the Membership Center.  Individuals with no administrative rights can participate in program benefits including access to partner-only information on the Microsoft Partner Program Web site/newsletters.

Menus and navigation

See Navigate the Membership Center.

Getting Help with Membership Center pages

To access Help, click the Help link to view help content for the page you are viewing. Click a topic from the Help Table of Contents to view definitions or task-oriented instructions. You can print individual topics in Help by selecting the Print button from your Browser's menu.